Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're on Our Way

And off we go!
We have our first week under our belts! My book, Hidden Heritage, is safely at Cedar Fort. I’m thankful for cell phones, so they can still call me when they accept my manuscript.
The road between home and Yuma, our first stop, was different than the boring road to Utah. I guess it’s mostly boring because we’ve seen it so many times over the years.

The next place we visited was Safford, AZ, where we went to the temple. There are a lot more people in that area than it looks like.The only way I could tell was because cars filled parking lots. It’s the first time I’ve seen a camp ground in the middle of a business district. It was a comfortable facility. Too bad we didn’t have very much time to look around more; however, I’ll be going to Time Out for Writers here in Mesa starting tonight. (Okay, I'm late posting this, but I wrote it Thursday the 18th.)
We pulled out the extra thick and warm comforter for the first time Tuesday night. It was only 34 F. We turned on the heat when we got up. I love sleeping when my face is cold as long as I have snuggly covers to keep the rest of me warm.
On the way back down, I took Dan’s picture by Gonzales Pass. We think we saw our friends Jeff and Ruth who are riding a tandem bike from the Pacific to the Atlantic this summer. They were waiting for road construction going toward Safford while we were coming from there and going toward Mesa. They had left Glob that morning, and made it to Safford. It must have been them. Too bad we didn’t have time to take a picture. (I don't know where these double spaces came from when I copy/pasted this from Word. )
Today we’re sitting in Camping World because the electrical system is not working whether on the generator the auxiliary or plugged in at a camp ground. At least the lights, stove and refrigerator work off of our auxiliary battery. (We now know whoever put in the sound system didn’t provide a ground for the wires they added.)