Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma--Random Advice

Today I feel like giving random pieces of advice.

When you see a problem with another person’s grooming, I recommend Ann Landers rule on whether to tell them or not: If they can fix it, tell them, if not, keep your mouth shut and pretend not to notice. For example, if they have a tag hanging out at the back of the neck, or they have spinach on their teeth, a whispered reminder would be appreciated. A hole in their clothing, or a run in a woman’s stocking, ignore it.

Men: A comb-over hairstyle looks dorky. You aren’t fooling anyone. We know you’re bald under there.

Women: Exaggerated makeup doesn’t make you look younger or sophisticated. This is incremental, and is different for different women. Take a long look in the mirror and decide for yourself.

“I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer. You don’t have to know everything.

When offered food, never say, “I don’t care.” That isn’t polite, it makes you sound dorky. A simple, “yes please” or “no thank you” works.

If your child spills a bottle of vegetable oil, squirt dish soap into it. It breaks down the oil so it won’t be pushed around with your rag, and it will be absorbed. The same thing works for raw eggs.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma: Monday after Easter

A few thoughts today; the Monday after Easter: No matter how hard I try, I cannot fully comprehend what our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ accomplished with his atonement. He paid the price for our sins. The beginning of my understanding came when I heard a story about a child wanting to buy a gift for his/her mother. I forget the details, but the man in line behind paid the difference between what the child had and the cost of the item. It’s so much more than that. Justice cannot be robbed, yet mercifully He paid the price as long as we repent, and turn from our sinful ways. That sounds so simplistic. I can’t come up with words that express the profound gratitude I feel. He lives, and so will we with Him forever if we but keep the commandments. We must love God above all else, and show that love by the way we treat those around us. We can be with our families. We will know our friends. He accomplished something that nobody else can. When a prophet dies, God chooses another to pick up the mantle. When a company president retires, someone else does the job. There was no secondary plan. Jesus Christ was chosen before we came to this earth. He had to do the job. It was hard, even for him, He asked for the cup to be taken from Him if possible, yet since it wasn’t He drank the bitter cup to the last dregs. I wonder if we will ever be able to comprehend it all. We need to be mindful also of our Heavenly Father, watching His son suffer. They both must love us more than we know to go through it all.

I know this is rambling, but I’m not going to go back and edit.

I know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our Redeemer. That he suffered in Gethsemane and died on the cross for you and for me. Through Him and Him alone we will also be resurrected, and can live with Him forever. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma: No Idea What to Title this odd ball entry.

Where did last week go? Time goes beyond flying by, now it’s disappearing on me. We only have one more week of Dan picking our oranges for fresh orange juice Sunday morning. He squeezes them Saturday. It looks like our limes are going to hold on this year. Last year we only got 3 for the whole season. They just dropped off before developing. These 2 trees are all we have in the way of growing our own food. It takes money and time I don’t have right now to fix a garden to grow vegetables. If I wanted to eat squirrel meat like the early settlers, I’d have all I could eat and then some. We even have plenty of rabbits, but I don’t want to eat those either. If food becomes scarce, and we are near starvation, perhaps I could think of those critters as food, but not until that happens.