Thursday, February 25, 2016

Kanarraville Falls

I loved this hike with my husband, daughter, and her son. It’s a moderate to difficult hike, but not horrendous. Part of the hike is on a path, and some through the water. The first time you need to choose, chose the water. If not, you’ll find yourself balancing, or sitting down and scooting across a pipe over a ravine. (Our pictures of it didn’t come out.) Do not attempt if there is a chance of rain. I wouldn’t even if it was a 5% chance.

This is the first of 2 ladders. My 6-year-old grandson climbed it with Mom right behind.
The second one was, as my grandson said when he saw it before us, "torked." We by passed that one.

If you live in southern Utah, or plan to visit there, I highly recommend hiking Kanarraville falls. Wear good shoes. Special shoes made of hiking in water are recommended, but I did fine with my new running shoes that have very good traction.  It’s more adventurous than the Narrows in Zion, what’s more it’s free. Just take the Kanarraville off-ramp from I 15 between St. George and Cedar City. Follow the road east to the town. Look for the small sign that points the way.