Sunday, January 25, 2015

Starting up Again

I’m back. I had major computer problems (hard drive crashed). After I finally got a new one, I had difficulties with it and one of my sons-in-law fixed several issues, but he didn’t have limitless time. Who does? The holidays hit, and I knew that when my computer geek son came down for Christmas he would be able to fix the rest. He did, but I still kept procrastinating starting up the blog again.

How easy it is for us to put things off. “I’m already behind; one more week won’t matter, next week for sure! Everybody else lets their blog go for awhile.”

January is almost over. NO more procrastinating. Monday Morning Grandma is back! I enjoy writing this blog. Once I have one of my novels accepted, I will revert this blog to concentrate on my writing. I plan to create another one titled Monday Morning Grandma and keep it up. I like the freedom this venue affords, I can write or post pictures about anything I want. 

Here are a few pictures of the day we got snow. People who have lived here 30 + years said they haven't ever seen it snow. Enjoy.