Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am not a poet; however I got stuck in a Creative Writing class and I had to come up with 9 poems. There is one I think came out fine. This is not that one. In keeping with the date November 22, below is one of them honoring the day anyway.

Where do I go?

Mountain tops -- tipped in white
Field trip for geology
Faults, moraine, fossils found
Back to campus,
Crying -- or stunned silence.
Rummors of tragedy --
could they be true?

Rush to Institute Building.
Made of simple white bricks
Near campus where I go for safety
A place for religion classes and friends
Our leader, Brother Peterson, speaks --
He has died

His grin, his wave, stopped.
The convertible, the crowd,
Her pink pill box hat
She cradled him
Speeding to Parkland Memorial

In the library -- screaming, crying.
In the rec room -- Laughter, ping pong.
Where do I go?
Not a disciple, I do not wail
Disgusted with those in the rec room
I cannot go there
I do not belong in the library
I sob on the couch in the foyer between

If you ever want to know what Mount Gorgonio
Looked like on that day,

Ask me.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mini Potholders

Mini potholders for microwave dishes.  NOT for use in ovens or hot pans, only for removing items from the microwave!

Hmmm: My paint drawings didn't come out. You can see from the picture what they are supposed to look like, The pattern is folded in half, so the 4 inch side is straight, and the other end curved like in the picture above.

You can use quilted fabric, or like I did, two layers of heavy fabric. You could also use 2 layers of cotton/cotton blend fabric with batting between.

Place 4 inch side of pattern below along fold of fabric and cut 2 for each mini potholder if using heavy fabric, or cotton/cotton blend, with the cotton, also cut 1 layer of batting. You will only need one if using quilted fabric.

Cut 2 pieces ¾ inch shorter using the rounded end for each potholder. Sew as shown below:

3 inches
4 inches

To sew bias tape: unfold, and sew one edge on right side of fabric. Next fold over and sew on wrong side.

Pin shorter pieces on front as shown (larger pieces have wrong sides together).

You may need to trim edges in spots so all layers are the same. Pin Bias tape on right side being sure to fold over end of tape at start.

View from wrong side

Sew like for the short pieces

After sewing tape on, trim fabric before folding over bias tape.



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heads Up

The holiday season is upon us. Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is next. We spend a lot of time shopping and decorating. We don’t need extra trips to the store for an ingredient we “thought” we had when we’re in the middle of a recipe. One way to virtually eliminate those trips is to follow the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared.”

Each month when I shop, I don’t look to see how low the mayonnaise is, I check to be sure I have 1 or 2 extras. Even with just my husband and I, I try to keep at least 1 extra of everything I use regularly on hand. This month I check for items I use seasonally: brown sugar, extra powdered sugar, cinnamon oil (I make a hard candy with this for Christmas), cocoa powder, baking powder/soda, whatever I expect to have on hand that I don’t buy very often.

When we went on our Mission to Thailand, my son and his wife stayed in our house. My daughter-in-law wrote to me, “Whenever I run out of something I check and you nearly always have some in the closet upstairs.” Yes, my kitchen was so small I had to find a different place to store the extras. Until my mother moved from her house into an apartment and gave me her white chest (which I put in the garage) I could always tell when it was time to go grocery shopping because I didn’t have cans on the counters any more. Luckily we had a door to the garage that was near the kitchen so it wasn’t too bad.