Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heads Up

The holiday season is upon us. Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving is next. We spend a lot of time shopping and decorating. We don’t need extra trips to the store for an ingredient we “thought” we had when we’re in the middle of a recipe. One way to virtually eliminate those trips is to follow the Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared.”

Each month when I shop, I don’t look to see how low the mayonnaise is, I check to be sure I have 1 or 2 extras. Even with just my husband and I, I try to keep at least 1 extra of everything I use regularly on hand. This month I check for items I use seasonally: brown sugar, extra powdered sugar, cinnamon oil (I make a hard candy with this for Christmas), cocoa powder, baking powder/soda, whatever I expect to have on hand that I don’t buy very often.

When we went on our Mission to Thailand, my son and his wife stayed in our house. My daughter-in-law wrote to me, “Whenever I run out of something I check and you nearly always have some in the closet upstairs.” Yes, my kitchen was so small I had to find a different place to store the extras. Until my mother moved from her house into an apartment and gave me her white chest (which I put in the garage) I could always tell when it was time to go grocery shopping because I didn’t have cans on the counters any more. Luckily we had a door to the garage that was near the kitchen so it wasn’t too bad.

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