Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma: No Idea What to Title this odd ball entry.

Where did last week go? Time goes beyond flying by, now it’s disappearing on me. We only have one more week of Dan picking our oranges for fresh orange juice Sunday morning. He squeezes them Saturday. It looks like our limes are going to hold on this year. Last year we only got 3 for the whole season. They just dropped off before developing. These 2 trees are all we have in the way of growing our own food. It takes money and time I don’t have right now to fix a garden to grow vegetables. If I wanted to eat squirrel meat like the early settlers, I’d have all I could eat and then some. We even have plenty of rabbits, but I don’t want to eat those either. If food becomes scarce, and we are near starvation, perhaps I could think of those critters as food, but not until that happens.

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