Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amazing Florida

Monday: Florida! But before we left Georgia, we visited the Ocmulgee National Monument near Macon. Ancient mounds built by the Muskogee Indians, part of what white man called Creek Indians. We went inside their lodge, and hiked along a lovely trail. I could almost sense the ancient peoples.

Tuesday: We drove to the Orlando temple which is in a town outside Orlando, so we never went there. Then we drove on to Long Point Park in Melbourne Beach, FL. We didn’t get in until after 8:00 because of a 2 ½ hour delay due to brake trouble. That happened in St. Cloud, within a couple of blocks of a brake and tire store, and they were able to get the parts. We could have been in the middle of nowhere or on the island, so we feel blessed.  We looked around the next morning.

Wednesday: Stop-over outside Miami Florida. None of the Wal-Mart stores in the area would allow us to spend the night, so we stayed at a truck stop.
Thursday: We drove all the way to the southern-most point in the USA in Key West, FL. Okay, we parked and walked the last couple of miles, but we made it! Then we drove back to Key Largo and stayed in a campground we want to visit again. It has so much to offer, but we only had time to spend the night and move on. This side trip wasn’t on our agenda, so we have to make up time. It’s okay because we were a few days ahead of schedule. Anyway, our schedule is only a guideline.

Friday: Mostly a driving day, but we did stop mid-point to see the bunker they set up in 1961 for Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis. It’s on Peanut Island near his father’s home. Even the people at the Florida information center had to look it up. We spent the night in West Melbourne, FL.

Saturday: Kennedy Space Center, so much to see, so little time. So many things I remember seeing on TV while growing up and into young adulthood. When we got to the building where they house the Saturn V rocket, the others gasped at the size. It was old hat to us. Remember we saw the one in Houston, and at the information center in Alabama (the state where it was built). It was easy to tell they have a lot more money for this display compared to Houston, but then it cost nearly twice as much to visit. No tax dollars involved. They had the most amazing 3-D IMAX movie about the last trip to repair the Hubble space craft you can imagine among other things. What an amazing experience.


  1. I will enjoy reading your blog! Sat next to you relief society in Daytona.


    1. Welcome Aboard! I hope you enjoy it. If you go back through the archives far enough, you can find where I attended a Hindu wedding before we left.