Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lots of History

Monday & Tuesday: Colonial Williamsburg. We only planned on staying one day, but it was so outstanding we stayed 2 days, so much history to see and feel. The highlight both days was the program that made me feel like I was there. The actors in the reenactments portrayed their parts well. We saw both those who were loyal to the crown, and the rebels. They covered what the slaves were going through in a way that was factual. No “yammering” about how terrible things were, simply portraying the slaves and what they were going through. There was no promotion of one side or the other. Naturally I knew which side I was on, but the way it was presented was awesome. I wish every American could witness these presentations. Today’s world has different circumstances, but people, and how they feel about politics is the same. As I watched the characters I thought this person is just like that person in today’s world. No, I won’t give names.

Governor's Palace

Wednesday: We drove through Lovely Maryland today, and visited the Washington DC temple. There were horrible driving conditions for Dan on narrow streets with barely enough room for Dan to drive the RV through Washington DC to the Wal-Mart in Virginia afterwards. The temple was simply fabulous, though. We’ve been to Washington D. C. twice with our children, so we skipped going there this trip. We want to go places we haven’t been.

Thursday: We drove to Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, a nice relaxing day after the difficult driving of the day before. I can’t get enough of this green. Of course they pay for it with the hot humid summer weather, and rain/snow all year around.

Friday: We thought the streets in Washington DC were narrow. Philadelphia was even worse. I have no idea how Dan drove through the streets with inches on each side and cars parked on both sides of crooked streets. Busses don’t seem to have any trouble. We eventually found a place to park “the beast” on a side street, and took a bus into town. More US history: we saw the Liberty Bell, Christ’s Church, and a few other historical sites. We had to have a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich which was delicious. No dinner for us that night, we were too full.

Betsy Ross' House

Saturday: A relaxing day of driving. Until the GPS device started going out anyway.  It did get us to Daniel Boone’s Homestead first. The people there told us how to get to the nearest Wal-Mart so we could buy a new one. We almost forgot how to follow written directions. The homestead was interesting. We drove to French Creek State Park campground. I’ll never get tired of the green landscape.

Sunday: Delightful contact from our children, and a good church meeting. They had priesthood do ALL of the teaching so the sisters could all attend Relief Society. Our poor Gospel Doctrine teacher—he did a great job, but is much more comfortable sitting in his office as financial clerk. It was good for him. After the meeting they had desserts and veggie trays set up in the cultural hall. The women had first dibs then the men and children had some.

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