Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leaving New Brunswick-Entering Quebec

Monday: World’s largest axe. No, it doesn’t belong to Paul Bunyan of American folk tales. They haven’t heard of him here in Canada. It’s the symbol of the city Nackawic, New Brunswick to honor the early loggers due to the importance of the logging industry to the founding of Canada. It was a leisurely 2 kilometer stroll with (the round trip being 4 k). Notice the grass path. Yes it was like that most of the way except in the forested area. In the afternoon, we took another 4-5 kilometer walk through another beautiful forest along the banks of a river.

Tuesday: Two more peaceful walks (too easy to call them hikes), one in the morning, and another in the afternoon. The morning walk was in the Meduxnekeog Valley Nature Preserve.  After driving to Florenceville, we walked through the woods on the Shiktehawk trail. I’ll never get tired of trees and water. We also saw the world’s longest covered bridge, 1,282 feet. Our RV made it through with a few inches to spare, but I still found myself ducking. Tonight we are in Clearview, New Brunswick.



Wednesday: The falls at Grand Falls, NB was a disappointment at first. They are damming up the water for repairs. However, after lunch and a nap, they opened the floodgate, and water started pouring in. We also walked along the gorge.  Majestic.  It was a fairly long walk, but nothing strenuous.  After a few easy days, I’m good to go on a more difficult hike, but there aren’t any in this area.

Thursday: A day to kick back. We took a leisurely walk along the river in Grand Falls then drove less than an hour to our next gorgeous campground. We’re going slowly because the Palmyra Pageant doesn’t start until July 13th.

Friday: Last day in New Brunswick! We had a nice walk around Edmundston then went to the Maple Leaf Queen’s Buffet. It was mostly Chinese food, and just as tasty as the sister that recommended it last Sunday said. It was a lovely day when we went for our walk this morning, almost too hot, but it sure felt good after all of the cold weather we’ve had. While we were eating at the buffet, the sky faucet turned on—real pouring rain just like Thailand. It rained like that last night also, but the morning was delightful. I love hearing the rain when I’m in a cozy place, I even like going out in it when it’s warm. Not good for hiking, though.

Saturday: Quebec! The province, not the city. More rain, so we didn’t get to go to the gardens near our campground. Today we’re in St. Fabien. It’s a charming rural community.

Sunday: We visited a French speaking branch. I did better with my French than I thought I would, I even bore my testimony part in French. It was a beautiful drive.

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