Sunday, June 17, 2012

More New Brunswick Canada

Monday: It was rather slow day except for our 3 hour walk from Shediac, New Brunswick to Point de Chien Warf and back. The warf didn’t exactly live up to the brochure. It was sort of interesting, but small not much to do. The stores were closed, and so were most of the restaurants. The walk on the biking/walking trail was lovely; I never get tired of seeing trees. The high point was a lobster dinner in the “lobster capital of the world.” I liked the world’s largest lobster too. If I were ever in a position to highlight a city or business, I’d have the world’s largest something or the other made to draw people to whatever it would be.

Tuesday: We walked along an isthmus of sand dunes in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. The pictures tell the story. It was an easy walk, but we didn’t go the whole 8 kilometers. Some of the boardwalk has been destroyed by storms. It's too expensive to keep re-building it. I like walking along the sand anyway.

Wednesday: Today we went on a 7-8 mile hike in a lovely forest along the banks of the Kouchibouguac River in the Kouchibouguac National Forest. Please don’t ask me to pronounce it when we get home; I can’t even pronounce it now.

Thursday: More of Kouchibouguac then on to Baie Sainte Anne, NB.

Friday: Traveled to Miramichi, New Brunswick. We started out on an easy hike which led to a moderate one like we planned. Due to the lack of signs, we ended up on the difficult trail for awhile. It wasn’t too bad but it was steep both up and down in places. Thankfully, we found a second bridge back across the babbling stream to the moderate, then easy hike. We needed the exercise anyway. The scenery was superb when we could glance up. There were rocks and roots all along the path. The stream made it worth the trip.

Saturday: Mostly a travel day to Hawkshaw, NB. We saw a covered bridge along the way. We went for a walk along the river. Much easier than the hike we went on yesterday. The flowers are wild roses! The last few days have been warm. Notice no more jackets!

Sunday: We didn’t take any pictures, but we went to the branch in Houlton, Maine even though our campground is in Hawkshaw, New Brunswick. I used to wonder if the church ever had wards or branches that cover more than one country. They do. The people were very welcoming. It’s interesting to visit so many different wards and branches. It’s so uplifting to feel the spirit of the saints no matter where we go. Some are more cordial than others, most introduce us in Relief Society and Priesthood, but more often than not they forget in Sunday School. Everywhere the spirit is the same. Just like people, some are more reserved rather than out-going, but that doesn't mean they aren't glad we're visiting. This ward was as friendly as can be.

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