Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Part of the Adventure

Monday: Coopersown, NY. We enjoyed visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame. The best part for me was Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First.”

Tuesday: Oh boy: Zero travel pictures. We were traveling along on the freeway minding our own business. Suddenly we heard two bangs, one in front of us, and the second much closer. A young woman on the other side of the divided freeway ran into the guardrail and debris flew up to our side. Our front tire blew. It took all of Dan’s strength to steer the RV from the center lane, across 2 more lanes and onto the side just past an on-ramp. The first bang was a fuel truck in front of us that also blew a tire and sustained other front end damage. Besides the tire, the debris also took out the driver’s side mirror. It took our cell phone, and Internet to find someone who could order the mirror for Thursday.

Wednesday: It was 90 miles to Palmyra, but we had already paid for the campground. Have you ever had to drive without a driver’s side mirror? Sure you say just stop, but where would we stay? We found peace in visiting the temple, then drove directly to our campground. I found the best place for me to sit is behind the table, leaning forward and looking out of the back window.

Thursday:  After driving a nerve-wracking 90 miles, we spent the day sitting in the driveway of Decker’s Towing. To make a long story short, the company did NOT send the mirror Wednesday morning as promised ... at least not overnight like they said—they sent it ground! We didn’t find this out until nearly 4:00. We hand it to Mike the mechanic for trying to get it taken care of. You would think we were his long time customers, not someone passing through. The best deal we could get is for it to come Saturday, $40 off of the cost, and they will waive the shipping cost. The original campground said we could come in after we got the mirror Saturday.

Friday: We drove to a near-by campground. The last couple of miles we had a state trooper right behind us. (Remember no driver’s side mirror?) PHEW, he didn't notice. We spent the day doing laundry, and swimming. The swimming was fun. Fanciest campground we’ve stayed in, most expensive too except for the one near New York City.

Saturday: We sat in Mike’s driveway again all day waiting for the part. Nothing. Wal-Mart tonight and tomorrow night. We can’t afford that expensive campground again. Hopefully it will come Monday.

Monday: Since we didn’t have enough battery power for the computer, I didn’t post this Sunday, so I thought I’d finish the story. Mike called the mirror company and the lady was surprised we didn’t have the part yet. About 10 minutes later, the UPS truck came up. It seems they had tried to deliver it to Vernon, NY, not Vernon Center, NY. Two cities next to each other each has a Skinner Street. Our GPS had originally sent us to that address too; it’s in the middle of farm country. We are now back at the campground in Palmyra. We’ll attend the pageant tomorrow then be on our way.

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