Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana

I've been neglecting the temple pictures page. It's now updated.

Sunday: We visited a small branch in Bowling Green, Ohio. One of the brethren there recognized Dan from our Garden Grove, CA days. Dan was in the bishopric the year they were baptized! I remember them. He had long hair and a beard, and she was impeccably groomed. They have an interesting conversion story, and if you want to hear about it, leave a comment and I’ll e-mail the story to you. He is in the High Priest Group leadership, and has been in the bishopric. It was astonishing to see them 37 years later. We had planned on going to a campground in a different city, but we had to keep driving because there weren’t any openings. I feel this is another of Heavenly Father’s tender mercies.

Monday: We visited German Town in Columbia, Ohio. Most shops and such close on Monday to rest up from the weekend, so not much to see since we don’t drink beer. The Book Loft was open.  It’s a fascinating bookstore—Thirty two rooms in an old house filled with books and we’re in a 22 foot RV with 4 months to go—no room to buy them. We also visited a very nice park.

Tuesday:  After attending the Columbus, Ohio temple, we went to Hocking Hills State Park in Lebanon, OH. They’ve had a dry year, so the falls aren’t as full as usual, but the rock formations were still interesting. We saw a fawn close up. It didn’t seem to be afraid of us at all.

Wednesday: More hikes in Hocking Hills. The hike wasn’t rough like some we’ve been on, but it was getting hot and muggy near the end. Lovely caves and waterfalls, or at least places they normally have waterfalls.

Thursday: A do practically nothing day. Our front end needed an alignment and the only appointment they had was at noon. The earliest temple session was 6:00 pm, so we didn’t have time to go see the Kentucky Derby museum like we had planned. Ah well, such is the life of a traveler. The countryside is beautiful! I’d like to go back when we have more time.

Friday: Travel day. We have a nice campground in Cloverfield, Indiana; however, Dan can’t get the satellite dish to pick up the signal, so no Olympic opening ceremony. We stayed at Wal-Mart two nights in a row so we could stay in the campground 3 nights and watch.)  :(

Saturday: We visited Mansfield Roller Mill which used to grind wheat and corn flower. The latest and greatest in its day. We drove country roads to get to it. It was interesting, built in the mid 1800’s. Not much going on, though. I almost wanted to get into my bathing suit and join the locals in the stream. We also saw one of 2 Buzz Bombs in the US in Greencastle, IN. The other one is in the Smithsonian.

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