Sunday, August 26, 2012

North Dakota and Back into Canada

Monday: Mostly a travel/fix it day. While Dan was waiting for the satellite TV repair person, I walked ½ mile to see if I could get the Internet back. The TV ended up being fine, Dan was just having trouble finding the signal. Our anti-virus provider managed “protect” us so well with the last update that we couldn’t connect to the Internet. We would have had go through the company we bought the computer from to fix it because we didn't have a disk to uninstall/install. We bought a new anti-virus and had that installed. Yabba-Dabba-Do, before leaving Flintstones Campground in Custer I saw several deer including fawns feeding next to our campground. That night, we saw a lovely sunset.

Tuesday: A beautiful drive to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We took a walk around town, but got here too late to do anything but laundry.

Wednesday: We took some up close pictures of buffalo on the 35 mile scenic drive in the south unit of the park. We also saw gorgeous views of badlands and juniper forests (badlands on the south side, and forests on the north).

Thursday: Bismarck, North Dakota temple. It was blistering hot again, in the low 90’s. There was a metal statue of Lewis & Clark with an Indian chief at the information center.


Friday: We’re in a remote, but popular campground in Midale, Saskatchewan Canada. It’s cooler up here, a lovely day.

Saturday: Drove to Regina, Saskatchewan Canada and attended the temple. After that, we went to the RCMP Heritage Center. Today only a special unit in Ottawa rides horses in spite of still being called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


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