Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Edmonton Mall, Jasper, & Banff

Monday & Tuesday: Mostly travel through farmlands. I’ll never get tired of green. There were areas of golden fields where crops had already been harvested, or were ready for harvest. Tuesday I finished the cross stitch of our home in Thailand. I must admit there were times I felt like quitting such as when I was working on the tree, but I kept pressing on, and eventually worked through it. Life is like that. When we think it’s too hard, if we simply keep pressing on: one stitch, one step at a time, we can make it. We’re in Edmonton, Canada.

Wednesday: Another mall! Even bigger than the last one. This one has an ice rink, world’s largest indoor waterslides, wave pool, seal show, large aquarium, miniature golf, and the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Oh, did I forget to mention shops, food court, and restaurants? We also attended the Edmonton temple. 

Thursday: Farmer’s fields changed to forests. We spent the night at a nice campground in Edson, Alberta Canada.

Friday: One look at the first water I saw in Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada and I knew why it had that name. The water is the color of jasper as you see in the pictures. We went to Maligne Canyon today.  At last we’re seeing wildlife! I’m running out of superlatives.


Saturday: First we took Jasper’s tram up the mountain. It was a partly cloudy day, but we did get some incredible views and even saw the first snow of the season.


In the afternoon we visited 2 magnificent falls: First—Anthabasca Falls.

Second—Sunwapta Falls. Here at last I found out why the water is that beautiful blue-green color. As the water rushes down from the glaciers, it grinds off miniscule bits of rock that reflect the blue and green colors of the light spectrum.



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