Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Idaho and a funeral

Monday: I received a phone call that my sister-in-law, Lois McNeil, passed away last Saturday. She is a special lady. I say is, because she is still alive as a spirit in a better, pain-free place. I’ll share one example of why she is so special to me. She and my late brother, Henry, took Mom and I in when we had no place to go because Mom’s fiancĂ© eloped with someone else the night before their planned wedding. I had just finished the 7th grade, and our house was already rented to someone else. She was always there to talk to and to help me. I could go on and on about her, but suffice it to say, she will be missed. We can’t drive down for the funeral. The only airports are tiny, and as far as I can tell, only support local flights.

We drove on to Rexburg Idaho, and visited the Teton Dam museum. If the reader isn’t old enough to remember the devastation of that dam break, do 3 minutes of research. The people feel blessed because the loss of life was minimal, only 11 people. However whole cities were wiped out, and others nearly destroyed.

The building also had a small museum. You know you’re old when items you used are considered museum pieces.

Tuesday: Attended the Rexburg temple in the morning, and walked around a nature preserve in the afternoon.

Wednesday: It only took half an hour to travel to Idaho Falls where we attend the temple and took a hike from the falls around a 3 mile loop along the Snake River. We decided that if Dan drove a long day tomorrow we could reach Boise Idaho where I could take a flight home Friday morning so I could attend Lois’ funeral.

Thursday: We arrived in Boise early enough we stopped by the Boise temple. It’s been closed for major renovations, and won’t hold the open house before the re-dedication until mid October, but we took each other’s pictures from the stake center parking lot. Below are some generic pictures of Idaho.

Friday: The flight was uneventful, for which I’m grateful. I have so many mixed feelings. It’s great to see some of my children and grandchildren, but not the reason for the visit. My granddaughter that is living in our house wouldn’t let me go. Naturally I love that. Having a bath instead of a shower was also a treat, not to mention sleeping in my own bed, and a game of Rook with three daughters.

Saturday: Three of our daughters and I drove up to Victorville early so we could spend time with our son that lives in Washington. We had ice cream cones at Baskin Robins (the pregnant one had a banana split) before the Celebration of Life for Lois in Apple Valley. Lois didn’t attend church, but she had a spiritual side. It was what she would have wanted: Just family and close friends together for pot luck dinner. We talked about Lois, and what she meant to us on a one to one, or small group basis. They released 20 doves in her honor. Before leaving, one of my nephews gave me a flower pot Mom had left at their place when we lived with them all those years before. It has a white geranium Lois planted. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but pictures weren’t a high priority for this part of my journey.



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