Sunday, October 21, 2012


Monday: Today we drove to the Tacoma area of Washington and visited Point Defiance. We planned a long hike along the water edge in spite of off and on drizzle, but rain interrupted us. We would have taken the 3 mile interior hike as well if the weather had cooperated.

Tuesday: We visited Seattle’s interesting Museum of Flight. They had lots of planes and flight history. We skimmed through their space exploration part, because we had already been to Houston and Cape Canaveral, not to mention Goddard’s workshop (he was the first to invent rockets) in Albuquerque. We made it to the campground before the rain started once again.


Wednesday: We went to Snomalie Falls, the tallest falls in North America. The good news: they were going full blast. The bad news, they created so much mist as they hit the bottom we couldn’t see them very well. What we could see was amazing. We then drove to town to see the train museum. From there we drove to our son’s house where we’ll be until Monday.

Thursday & Friday: Thursday we just hung out at our son’s house & did laundry. Friday we visited our grandchildren’s school. They are homeschooling their children, but here in Washington families can create home school cooperatives, so the parents can work together. Our daughter-in-law is in charge of the math lab.

Saturday: Fun and games with the grandchildren, and dessert out at Flirt. (The one in the black t-shirt is a friend.)





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