Sunday, November 11, 2012

California Here We Come ...

Monday: Mostly another driving day. When we got near the Medford area, the RV started shaking. We thought something might be wrong with the front end, but we ended up having to replace 2 tires. One was separating, and the inside tire had a bolt in it. So far we’ve replaced 4 out of the six tires (dual tires on the back), not to mention buying a spare before we started. It was a beautiful drive.


Tuesday: Today we visited “One of America’s Top 10 Coolest Small Towns” Jacksonville, OR. It was an interesting mining town from the 1850’s. We also took a hike into the forest by there. I’ll never get tired of hiking in forests. This one was a bit too easy, but still good exercise. After that we went to the Medford temple.

Wednesday: We had a major change of plans last night. Today we planned on driving to my brother’s place in Ft. Jones, CA, then as far as Susanville, CA Thursday. We were then going to go to Reno Friday (we had decided earlier in the week it would be too cold to spend the day we wanted at Lake Tahoe). Instead we drove all the way to Reno and went to the temple around sunset. We started out in a thick fog through the mountains. Most of the time I put the temple pictures on the temples page, but I couldn’t resist posting this one here.

Thursday: Back in California for good! Mad dash through Donner Pass to beat the snow. We made it, but those clouds sure looked mean! A few snowflakes fell on the windshield, but they melted as soon as they hit. We then calmed our nerves before attending the Sacramento temple.

Friday: This will probably be our last day of playing tourist all day. We walked around Old Sacramento. It’s a fascinating place with original buildings and such. We also took in a hike along the river—chilly day, but no rain, and more important no snow.

Saturday: Drove from Sacramento to the Oakland temple then on to Pleasanton Fairgrounds Campground. Tomorrow will be our last time introducing ourselves in classes at church! However, we’ve been gone so long our home ward might have forgotten who we are.

My next blog will be posted Wednesday or Thursday because we’ll be home Wednesday unless things change, and that has happened often on this trip.

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