Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Last of Canada and on to Washington

I finally caught up on the temple pictures. Check out the temples page.

Monday: Today we followed the yellow footprints through the city of Chemainus. This city has murals of all types on 40 buildings. All were well done. I liked some more than others mainly because I’m not into impressionistic art that much. Another cold, rainy day, but we didn’t let that dampen our spirits. This is the last day here in Duncan.

Tuesday: A travel day including 2 ferries. Still cloudy and rainy, so we could hardly tell where the gray sea met the gray skies, but the journey had its own stark beauty. We ended up about half an hour from our son, so we went the rest of the way and spent the night in a warm house. We’ll be here until Saturday morning.

Wednesday: Halloween Microsoft style. My second eldest son works for Microsoft, so they invited us to go see how they celebrate at the campus. The building my son works in has 5 floors with about 4 floors of offices. Well over half of the people in the offices put candy out on chairs next to their doors whether they are working or not. Children walk down the halls taking a piece from each. Quite a haul!

Thursday: Stayed at our son’s house, got some writing done, and did the laundry.

Friday: Visited the grandchildren’s school again. Too bad California doesn’t have a system like this where parents can get together and home school. Yes, they do emphasize academics, but it’s more fun to take pictures of the fun stuff.

In the evening we attended our grandson’s baptism and had treats at home. Our youngest daughter had planned on going to the baptism, but didn’t make it until 1:00 a. m. because her plane had a mechanical problem. She’s going to spend a week up there.

Saturday: Travel day again. We had to go all the way to Portland so we could attend the temple today. If we had driven the usual 2-3 hours, we couldn't have gone to the temple until Tuesday, and that would mean a rush to get home before Thanksgiving. Can you believe it’s only 2 more weeks?

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