Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma: I'm back!

Oh how much we rely on computers! At this moment, I’m specifically thinking of the Internet.

As I write this, my computer is working fine. The Internet? Not! Our modem went out. We knew it was going, and planned on making the “upgrade” our service provider told us was coming whether we wanted it or not. We waited as long as possible, and had planned on making the change a couple of weeks from now. We waited too long. That’s why I’m posting this on a Wednesday. We have been without Internet for almost 2 weeks.

I don’t have a smart phone, so I can’t check e-mail or Face Book. I have a stupid phone. I call it a stupid phone, but it’s really an amazing innovation that I take for granted. Today, for instance, I was at the grocery store, and needed to ask my husband his preference. All I had to do was call.

When I was growing up, we had a party line, and a 4 digit phone number 2228. We lived in the San Bernardino Mountains where they had such numbers into the early 1970’s. I had to call my sister, and when I gave the operator her 4 digit number and town, she kindly said the number had to have the 3 digit prefix. I told her to try it. She did, and was silent when my sister answered the phone. It wasn’t long after that they upgraded. Upgrades, constant upgrades. I’ll save that rant for another day.

Back to what I was saying before I went off on a tangent. If I wanted to look up anything, I had to go to the library when I grew up. Often I had to wait for books to come up from the main library in San Bernardino.

The library was in a garage about a half a block from the elementary school. A school library? I never heard of it.

Enough of my rambling thoughts. I’m back on-line. Please be patient if you have sent me an e-mail in the last couple of weeks. At this moment I hate to think of how full my in boxes are going to be. I’m going to post this before I even check.

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