Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma--Puzzle Fun

Today I’m going to demonstrate a cheap fun way to entertain children. Print out a picture he/she would like—one of themselves, or someone close like parents or grandparents.  Cut it into pieces to make a puzzle, if you have scrap booking scissors all the better. Naturally fit the size of pieces to the competency of the child.

For strength, apply to clear contact paper on both sides. This makes it harder to stay together (with the fancy scissors), so try it first, and know your child’s ability to deal with frustration. For the cost of a picture they will have fun playing, and maybe learn some fine motor skills.

There are places that will make puzzles out of pictures, but why bother spending that much money. Maybe for a special occasion, but I think they would have just as much fun with the homemade ones.

Since I have several grandchildren, I decided to use a picture of my husband, their grandfather. 

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