Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma--Darren's Amazing Map

Sorry I’m late this week. Perhaps I should have written about something else, but I already had a plan:

It took longer than expected to finish staining and applying polyurethane to the frame around this amazing map of our 2012 trip to visit all 71 (at the time) temples in the contenental USA and Canada. (If you want to see more, go back on my blog. I’m deleting the posts between Monday Morning Grandma and the trip, so it shouldn’t take too long.) We only visited a couple of them under construction or renovation that were in the area we were visiting. I have a picture of each temple we visited under the Temple page of this blog.

Already there are several new temples finished. To answer the question we usually get, “No, we aren’t going to go back and see them.” It would be nice, but one magnificent trip like that is enough for a lifetime. The orange flags are where the Latter-day Saint temples are.  

One more big thank you to our son Darren for making this map. You can see the detail in the close ups.

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