Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Morning Grandma--My Writing

This blog is mostly about my writing, or will be once I get published, so I thought I’d bring my readers up to date on what I’m doing in that vein.

I finished the first draft of Escape from Fire (temporary title). I’m re-editing Hidden Heritage while I let EFF rest. I plan to submit HH again in the next few months. I’ve started one I’m calling Car Crash for lack of a better title. Then there’s Divine Love, my first novel, and the second one called Diane’s Story (centered on the heroine of DL’s roommate). I need to decide whether DL is strong enough, or if I should drop it, and write DS after I finish the Car Crash story. On-going is my life story that I’m going to write as a semi-autobiography about growing up in the 50’s because there is no way I could get permission from my childhood classmates to use them. There are a few other bits and pieces hanging out on my computer, but those are the main ones. Everything BC (before computer) has been lost or thrown away. 

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