Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Texas

On Monday the 12th, we took a long walk along the banks of Lewisville Lake Park. (See last week’s post.)

Tuesday, we left the Dallas area and headed for Austin, TX, another relaxing setting along the banks of a river in the Emma Long Metropolitan Park. The first few weeks were hectic and cold and windy, so it’s nice to have some down time and warm weather.

While in Austin, we toured the state capitol building.

Now we’re in San Antonio, TX. One place we bypassed on our visit downtown was the Texas Ranger museum. At $18 each it was too expensive for a museum. We took a boat ride around the River Walk, then sauntered around and had lunch at a Mexican restaurant which had excellent food—perhaps our last good Mexican food until we return to Southern California. After this we head for the south, then east coast. There will be delectable delicacies to try in those areas that we don’t have in California, so I shouldn’t complain.

We also enjoyed one of those delightful surprises that come when you don’t try to over plan. We had a few hours after we left the camp ground before the temple would open, so Dan found a McAllister park. We had no idea what type of park it was, but we decided we could at least eat lunch. It ended up being an 860 acre park with all sorts of hiking trails amongst the trees.

Saturday we visited the Witte Museum. Well worth the reasonable price of $7. It’s adjacent the Brackenridge Park, a tree-studded park with a 3 ½ mile train ride. The train didn’t stop at the museum because it’s spring break here. I can’t figure out what that has to do with anything, but they can make their own rules.

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  1. Super pictures. I really am enjoying reading this.