Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oklahoma City and Kennedy

I’m doing 2 blog entries today. This first one has a more serious tone. In Oklahoma, we visited the Oklahoma City National Monument and Museum. The second is the 6th floor Museum in Dallas, TX. We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the Dallas museum, but were able to do so in the Oklahoma City monument and museum.

On November 22, 1963 a few minutes after 1:00 pm, I walked back to San Bernardino Valley College from a walking geology field trip studying the local mountains and earthquake faults, when students kept coming up to me saying, “Did you hear?” This museum brought back memories of that day, the day Kennedy was shot. The only pictures I have are 2 from the outside of the 6th Floor Museum where Oswald was hiding.

There was an overpowering feeling of sadness and dismay when starting the walk though the Oklahoma City National Monument and Museum. Seeing so many pictures and hearing the sounds, was depressing, such a horrific event, yet I left with the feeling of hope. Life goes on, we can’t allow such things to keep us down.
Our trolley driver told us to visit the museum first, then the monument. If you ever go there, do it that way and you will understand the memorial better. (I must pull out the book about my relatively new camera and figure out how to suppress the flash. Sorry.) I won’t say much about the pictures, they speak for themselves.

Even the most serious event needs moments of levity to get through.

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