Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow and Aliens

Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday I learned tons at the Time Out for Writers conference in Mesa, AZ. It would take a whole blog page to discuss how much I learned, and what wonderful friends I met. I was so busy learning I forgot to take any pictures. Boo Hoo.

Last day in Mesa, Monday the 27th, we went miniature golfing. Sadly, Dan won.

Tuesday, we went to Snowflake. The temple was lovely, but we learned where the town got its name. It wasn’t too bad, and we didn’t need chains. I wish we had more time to stay and see the sights, but we were trying to beat the wind in New Mexico. (It didn’t work.) Not enough snow to have fun in, but enough to look beautiful.

Sights along the road to our next stop
Albuquerque, New Mexico is a place we want to visit again. The only thing we got to see was the temple and remains of an ancient volcano in Petroglyph National Monument. We had planned another day, but it was going to be windy, and a high of 38 F. on Friday, not exactly weather to ride on the longest tram in the US, or to camp out in an RV. On the way in, we stopped by Camping World because we didn’t have any water except the drinking water we carry with us. (Broken water hose due to poor instillation by whoever had this RV before.)
On to the aliens—we went to Roswell, NM where something crashed July 4, 1947. Was it aliens, or a secret military project? You decide. The museum was interesting, but I enjoyed the historic museum about a mile up the street just as much. It included Dr. Goddard’s rocket workshop. As usual the experts and government were skeptical of his work and not supportive at all. At the end of WW II, our country captured German rocket scientists and started questioning them and they responded that they should ask our own Dr. Goddard they had stolen information from his work.
Yesterday we arrived in Lubbock, Texas. We visited the temple here. I’ve decided to start a new page and post pictures of temples when I figure out how. I’ll keep about 10.  

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