Thursday, March 15, 2012

On to the Adventure

We made an overnight stop in Wichita Falls Texas. We never did find the falls which have been re-built, but we did see the river and lake. 

We didn’t stay in Oklahoma City very long, but loved the countryside. It was much different than the same old boring drive to Utah. Too bad it was in the dry season, I’m sure it’s even more delightful in spring and summer.

We are now in Dallas. We’re staying in a lovely lakeside campground just north of Dallas. We had planned on going sight-seeing Saturday, but when we came out of the 6th Floor Museum, it was pouring rain. So much for that idea, and poor Dan had to hook up the camper in the rain. We did get to see a little of the lake today because the rain finally stopped. I haven't uploaded those pictures because this was supposed to have been posted last Sunday. Here are some pictures of Dallas, though.

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